This past week I celebrated my birthday! Birthdays are always a great time to sit back and reflect and this one is especially pivotal as we are expecting our first baby! It has been intimidating to constantly hear how much our lives are going to change with this new addition. What do you say to that when you are really happy with your life currently? We have decided to go into it with the mindset that this addition is only going to add joy to our lives, not take away from our current relationships. It’s all about the love of the journey! Ben & I have a big goal is to find a way to balance our lives & time for ourselves with this new lifestyle that will be focus around our little one. We want to make sure to continue to get together just the two of us and still be able┬áto┬áhave time with friends.

I am so excited to partner with Wente Wines (an amazing winery just an hour from us) to bring you our love of this new journey in our lives. If you’ve never made it over to Livermore to check out Wente, you’re missing out! It’s a gorgeous way to soak up some sunshine & amazing wines without the chaos & crowds of Napa. We like to think of it as one of our hidden Bay Area gems!

5 Ways to Find Our Balance with a Newborn:

1. Recognize happy parents equals happy baby. Be willing to be okay with taking care of ourselves!

2. Keep entertaining simple. This easy to throw together party platter looks fancy, but was so much more simple than my usual complicated appetizers that have to be pulled hot out of the oven!

3. Have things on hand for our guests to enjoy, like this Wente wine! If I stay well stocked, that means less trips to the store!

4. Understand that it is okay to take people up on their offer to help. It takes a village!

5. Let people see real life. Things don’t have to be perfect all of the time.

To make a great, last minute, no stress party platter, start with some cheese & crackers. I cut cheddar & pepper jack that we had on hand for our sandwiches into pretty little squares so that they looked a little fancier & fit perfectly on the crackers!

Add some salty pretzels & dip to complement your crisp white wine!

Toss in some colorful fruit & veggies to bring the wow factor to your platter. I love going for blackberries. Not only are they an unexpected fruit on the platter, but they taste amazing when pop a few into your glass of white wine!

Don’t forget some nuts! Bar nuts have been a staple for so long for a reason. They are fun to nibble on, while not taking away from the flavor of your drink. Also, they are easy to keep on hand. Open up that jar, pour, and you’re good to go!

Visit to learn more about their love of the journey and check out their amazing white wine selection!

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