IMG_20140704_151102Welcome to Sweet Tea Sweetie! This sweetie is a Virginia native who grew up in California & Texas. I was raised by a very Southern mother who moved all the way across the country when she married my California dad. I grew up learning and developing a very blended style of cooking. We would have a big salad with red peppers and avocado but serve it with a side of homemade corn bread with real butter. I loved my summers spent picking blackberries and snapping green beans on my grandparent’s farm in Virginia, but am also crazy loyal to California naval oranges and Sonoma wine.

One of my favorite things to do is share this experience and style of cooking. It has been so much fun to introduce my Southern cousins to Boba tea and putting avocado on their burger as well as bring grits in for my San Francisco coworkers. I have started this blog to share the possibilities of melding the health conscious California culture with the comfort of delicious Southern cooking. It is all about finding your balance!


To kick us off I am sharing a perfect end of summer treat: Sweet Tea Granita. Here in the Bay Area we enjoy a late summer. As the rest of the country gears up for fall, we finally experience sunny days and warm evenings that leave you wanting cool tasty treats. Sweet Tea Granita is the perfect thing! I like to think of a granita as grown-up snow cone. This traditionally Sicilian treat is easy to make and so much fun to eat. It can be done in many different flavors but this Southern take is my favorite!

Simply pour sweet tea into a freezer safe pan. As it freezes, use a fork to scrape it into fun little ice crystals, then repeat! Freeze, scrape, freeze, scrape. The length of time it takes between scrapes will depend on your freezer, between 30-60 minutes. Mine isn’t very strong so it takes longer, but new freezers can do it in no time. Scoop it into fancy dishes, garnish with a sprig of mint or a lemon curl and serve with pretty little silver spoons for an impressive but easy dessert.Try this version from Garden and Gun.
Photo credit: John Autry on Garden and Gun
Thank you for visiting the Sweet Tea Sweetie! I invite you to follow this blog and join me for a delicious journey!
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