Venice, Italy | Sometimes mistakes can lead you on the best adventures. Our whole trip I struggled with converting the time on my watch to the 24 hour clock time on tickets & passes. My now, non-jetlagged brain can do it easily now but while constantly on the road, it was something that I struggled with. Needless to say, I misjudged the time of our return train to Florence! I was feeling like we needed to get back quickly so we opted to take a water taxi back to the train station. I’ve never been so grateful for a mistake before. This was the best experience ever!

Venice, Italy |

Water taxi is the only way to travel! I am currently trying to figure out how I can stop using cars and only travel to places that require a water taxi. Seems doable right? It was our own private boat, very luxurious! The boat cut through the canals at high speed. I again felt like I was in the Italian Job, this time in high speed chase! It was one of the most fun things we did on our travels! Venice, Italy | Venice, Italy |

We arrived back at the train station full of smiles after our fast ride through the canals, only to discover that I hadn’t misjudged the train time & that we were now early! So, we picked up a bottle of Proscecco (made in the Venice region) & some panini’s (delicious) and had a romantic picnic right on the canals. Our picnic was followed by some gelato (of course!) at a little place off of the main drag, in a little park where local kids kicked a soccer ball against the brick wall, and moms clustered nearby with their grocery bags. Venice, Italy | Venice, Italy |

It was so much fun to wander through the winding streets after our picnic. I loved listening to the water lap the sides of the pathways & wandering over the little bridges. We passed street vendors painting beautiful canvases, filling them with the colorful buildings of Venice. We ducked into little shops stocked with Venetian masks & Murano glass to pick out pieces to bring home. Venice, Italy | Venice, Italy |

Must Do’s in Venice:

Eat gelato (Because it’s Italy)

Take a gondola ride (let’s be real, it’s probably why you came in the first place!)

Get lost in the alleyways to get away from the tourists

Take a water taxi ride as many times as you can

Have a picnic on the canals

Buy some Murano glass & Venetian lace, it really does live up to the hype

Venice, Italy |

Enjoy our video of Venice below. You can hear the bells of St. Mark’s Basilica ring out!:

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