Sorrento, Italy was a very surreal place to visit. The drive there wound along the coast line with a lot of s curves and hairpin turns. It was so hard to watch the road when the dramatic cliffside full of elegant homes and hotels dropped off to the glittering sea. Sorrento is known for their lemons. Everywhere we walked in Sorrento there was the slight hint of lemon grove in the air. As we looked up on one of the main roads, we realized that was because there were endless groves of lemons right there in the heart of town.  Limoncello in Sorrento, Italy |

We sat soaking in the sunset at this view for far too long. I just couldn’t bring myself to walk away! Limoncello in Sorrento, Italy | Mount Vesuvius loomed off in the distance like an intimidating older brother.
Limoncello in Sorrento, Italy | We should take note and make our official signs as beautiful as this. I love the painted tiles!
Limoncello in Sorrento, Italy |

I Giardini di Cataldo is a limoncello distillery right in the heart of Sorrento. They were actually filming there when we came for a visit but they were generous enough to let us wander around anyways! The main shop showed us how limoncello is distilled using the peel. We then were able to taste their different flavors. Yep, my arm really had to be twisted to do that! Limoncello in Sorrento, Italy |

Once the lemons are peeled for limoncello, their fruit pulp is then used to make gelato. We tried both the creamy, almost lemon curd like flavor, and the icy, sorbet style flavor. Both were SO good! I think they were even more flavorful because we were sitting there looking at the lemons that they were made from!
Limoncello in Sorrento, Italy | Limoncello in Sorrento, Italy | If you are ever in Sorrento, stop in for a visit. It is a peaceful sanctuary in the city! Limoncello in Sorrento, Italy | Drive along with us on this sunset drive and walk through the lemon groves in our video:

You can order limoncello to be delivered from I Giardini di Cataldo or you try making it yourself at home! Here is Giada’s recipe for homemade limoncello.

Wanderlust Wednesdays: Limoncello in Sorrento, Italy


  • 10 lemons
  • 1 (750-ml) bottle vodka
  • 3 1/2 cups water
  • 2 1/2 cups sugar


  1. Using a vegetable peeler, remove the peel from the lemons in long strips (reserve the lemons for another use).
  2. Using a small sharp knife, trim away the white pith from the lemon peels; discard the pith.
  3. Place the lemon peels in a 2-quart pitcher.
  4. Pour the vodka over the peels and cover with plastic wrap.
  5. Steep the lemon peels in the vodka for 4 days at room temperature.
  6. Stir the water and sugar in a large saucepan over medium heat until the sugar dissolves, about 5 minutes.
  7. Cool completely.
  8. Pour the sugar syrup over the vodka mixture.
  9. Cover and let stand at room temperature overnight.
  10. Strain the limoncello through a mesh strainer. Discard the peels.
  11. Transfer the limoncello to bottles.
  12. Seal the bottles and refrigerate until cold, at least 4 hours and up to 1 month.

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