Last week I launched the very first Wanderlust Wednesdays with our video of hiking Mount Etna. This week we are back with the picturesque town of Taormina, Sicily. Taormina is a town that feels like it was literally carved into the side of the volcano. Perched on a little peninsula jutting out into the Mediterranean, Taormina is one of the most beautiful towns we visited in Italy. The main street running through the town was an old cobblestone street closed to travel. Shops and restaurants lined the streets. On one side, steep stairs run in between buildings to take pedestrians up to the next street over, on the other side you could see the glittering Mediterranean peek through buildings.  Mount Etna, Sicily | Mount Etna, Sicily |

Every single restaurant offered a great view of either the sea or people watching in the street. We opted for this adorable restaurant. Red and white checkered tablecloths and a strolling guitarist? It played right into everything I’d hoped to find in Italy! Mount Etna, Sicily | Mount Etna, Sicily |

Quite arguably the best gelato we found in all of Italy was right here at O’Sciality Gelateria in Taormina. It was so creamy and unlike any ice cream or gelato I’d had before! Mount Etna, Sicily |

Peeking between the buildings were alleys that led down to secondary streets. The alleyway to our hotel took us past one of the best bars in Taormina!
Mount Etna, Sicily |

We stayed at the Hotel Villa Schuler in Taormina. If you ever visit, don’t hesititate. Stay there. It was really reasonably priced, located right downtown, and was so gorgeous! Every time we left to go anywhere it meant a walk through these stunning gardens.
Mount Etna, Sicily | Mount Etna, Sicily |

Our room had its own patio where we enjoyed breakfast every morning.  Mount Etna, Sicily | Mount Etna, Sicily | Mount Etna, Sicily | Mount Etna, Sicily | Mount Etna, Sicily |

Our breakfast spot looked down onto the sparkling blue waters of Isola Bella, one of the most beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean.  Mount Etna, Sicily | Mount Etna, Sicily | Mount Etna, Sicily | At breakfast I contemplated how to get us to stay. I could have a few items shipped out to me, I could buy new clothes ….it could work! Mount Etna, Sicily | When I managed to tear myself away from the view, Ben and I headed out to explore more of Taormina.
Mount Etna, Sicily | The Roman amphitheater still functions to this day. They even hosted Katy Perry and all of her crowds! Mount Etna, Sicily |

I popped into this adorable shop to pick up as much as I thought I could fit in my suitcase. The beautiful tea towels and hand embroidered cloths were to beautiful to pass up. I loved the bright colors they used and the local fruits and flowers depicted.  Mount Etna, Sicily |

This is my kind of sign!  Mount Etna, Sicily |

It was truly amazing how Mount Etna loomed overhead no matter where we were, but the view from our hotel was particularly spectacular. I never wanted to leave!  Mount Etna, Sicily | My favorite part of our visit was wandering around Taormina at night. It was so peaceful and beautiful. Check out our video to get a feel for it!

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