Rome was such an incredible city. We stayed at the Vatican View hotel and completely loved it! I’d recommend it to anyone interested in staying near the Vatican. It gave us a prime viewing spot for everything going on at the Vatican and it only took a few minutes to get anywhere. If you stay in that area, steer clear of the overly touristy spots for food. You’ll get overcharged for mediocre food. I recommend checking out Makasar Café for incredible food and a chance to hang out with the locals. You can check out my review for Makasar Cafe on Yelp for more info.

How can you resist going in those gorgeous doors???? It didn’t even feel like entering a hotel. We felt like we were just heading in to our apartment. Rome, Italy | Rome, Italy |

Welcome! Step right in!
Rome, Italy | Rome, Italy | The gorgeous room made me want to stay in all day, but we managed to venture up to the rooftop lounge. It was so fun to get to peek into all of the balconies and rooftop “yards”. In a dense city like Rome you turn whatever you have into a “backyard” or place to hang out. Rome, Italy | The windows over looked the walls of the Vatican and the streets that filled quickly with vendors and sidewalk cafes. The sounds of street music and lively voices floated up to our open window. The pulse of the city made you want to get out there and join in! Rome, Italy | Rome, Italy | While in Rome we had to play a little Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck and stop by the Mouth of Truth. The mouth of truth is known as La Bocca della Verità and is a marble, man-like face, located in the portico of the church of Santa Maria. Story has it that if you place your hand in the mouth and lie, you hand will be bitten off.

We didn’t lose our hands so that means we’re truthful…right???? I was surprised to see that the Mouth of Truth was located in the foyer of a church. We waited in line, gave a donation to the church and had our own little Roman Holiday experience.
Rome, Italy | Rome, Italy | Rome, Italy |

We opted to go inside the church to look around. If you go, don’t miss it! A lot of people left after the Mouth of Truth and missed the gorgeous frescoes and interesting architecture.
Rome, Italy | Rome, Italy |

Everywhere we went we saw ancient ruins. Not just the big monuments that you hear about, but remains of a bygone era lining everyday life. Rome, Italy |

Built over 2000 years ago, the Pantheon dome is still the world’s largest unreinforced concrete dome. It was wonderfully cool inside, even though it was hot outside, and was well lit, even though there are no lights. It is an amazing feat of architecture!

Rome, Italy | Rome, Italy | Rome, Italy |

I was blown away by the engineering of this building. It has withstood so many years of holding this arch up leading to a hole in the roof. Most modern buildings will never last that long.  Rome, Italy |

Take a tour of Rome with us in this video:

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