In 2016 I launched a Wanderlust Wednesday series on Sweet Tea Sweetie. These are probably some of my favorite posts to work on & I enjoy doing the videos. These were the 10 most popular travel posts in 2016. Looks like everyone love Italy, with a little bit of Napa thrown in! Stay tuned for posts from Iceland, Boston, New York, as well as the Caribbean islands of St. Lucia, Martinique, and Antigua this year!

Top Wanderlust Wednesday Travel Posts of 2016 |

Post #1: Florence, Italy

Pizza & gelato making class, the leather market, the David statue, the Uffuzi museum, the Duomo, & the incredible nightlife make Florence one of the most amazing cultural experiences in the world!

Florence, Italy |

Post #2: Limoncello Making in Sorrento, Italy

The coastal town of Sorrento is world famous for their lemons. Right in the heart of town is this hidden lemon orchard that makes incredible limoncello & lemon gelato.

Limoncello in Sorrento, Italy |

Post #3: Hiking & Caving on Mount Etna, Sicily, Italy

Sicily is a beach getaway destination for Italians so be sure to visit if you want to get away from the usual tourists that you’ll find at many of Italy’s popular spots. The active volcano of Mount Etna looms over Catania & Taormina. Its open for hiking & incredible descents into caves with a guide!

Mount Etna, Sicily |

Post #4: Driving a Lamborghini in Modena, Italy

Italy is known for their incredible cars. Start in Modena to see the Ferrari museum, hop in a Lamborghini & take it for a spin on an actual Italian racetrack, and don’t miss a tour of the Lamborghini factory, newly opened to the public, for a glimpse at artisans hand crafting each car.

Wanderlust Wednesday: Driving a Lamborghini in Modena, Italy |

Post #5: Venice, Italy

Riding in a gondola was exactly as romantic as you think it will be, but don’t miss the high speed, glamorous water taxi’s as well!

Venice, Italy |

Post #6: Yountville, Napa County, CA

Yountville is the most exclusive town in Napa County. It’s home to Thomas Keller’s world famous French Laundry restaurant where you go to spend an entire paycheck & his equally good Bouchon Bakery. If you’re interested in this area, don’t miss the just as adorable St. Helena, the hilltop Newton Winery, or the famous sparkling wine house Domaine Chandon Wine Tasting in Yountville, Napa | Post #7: Colosseum & Spanish Steps, Rome, Italy

Both locations will be crawling with tourists, but you just can’t go to Rome without visiting the Colosseum & hearing the incredible stories of what took place there.

Rome, Italy |

Post #8: Pompeii Ruins, Italy

Be warned that Naples & Pompeii have a high crime rate & are hard to navigate, but are worth it for the best pizza in the world and a chance to glance at a civilization frozen in time.
Pompeii, Italy |

Post #9: Vatican City, Rome, Italy

We had the incredible opportunity to see the Pope while in Vatican City, but even if you don’t get that chance, the museum is incredible!

Rome, Italy |

Post #10: Mouth of Truth and the Pantheon in Rome, Italy

Have an Audrey Hepburn moment & try putting your hand in the Mouth of Truth!

Rome, Italy |

Which one of these places would you most like to travel to?

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