Although our hotel in Soufriere had stunning, dramatic mountain jungle views & a private plunge pool, it didn’t have beach access. When in the Caribbean, you need beach access! Tucked in between the two Pitons is a stunning, white sand beach called Sugar Beach & a resort with the same name. Our hotel ran a shuttle down the mountain side to Sugar Beach regularly throughout the day so that beach time was still an option. The name Sugar Beach is fitting since the sand is white and as powdery soft as sugar.

Sugar Beach in St. Lucia | Sugar Beach in St. Lucia | Sugar Beach has a protected marine life section called Anse des Pitons that is perfect for snorkeling. There is a long low shelf in the water so the fish and coral are right up close! The water was clear and warm for snorkeling. We especially enjoyed it because it was in a nice protected cove. We felt safe just being immersed in the underwater views without the pull of strong currents.

Sugar Beach in St. Lucia | Sugar Beach in St. Lucia | Sugar Beach in St. Lucia | If you have kids and you want to bring them to St. Lucia, this is the place to be! Tucked into the lush hillside are private cottages that are perfect for families. Sugar Beach also has a nice fenced in pool so that kids can run around free. There were a lot of families on vacation here!

Sugar Beach in St. Lucia | Sugar Beach in St. Lucia |

We ate at Sugar Beach Resort a few times. Once we ate at their idealic water front restaurant. I will save you the review of that one. Prices were sky high, the food was mediocre at best, and the servers were incredibly rude. I regret going there & its the one tarnish on an otherwise lovely resort. That being said, our other meal was at their sushi bar. We were greeted upon arrival and escorted in to our seats. The menu did not disappoint! It was some of the best sushi I have ever had. Yes, literally! The ambiance was ultra lounge with sleek decor, candles, and a pool room. It was a really fun spot to hang out in the evening.

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