The first half of our trip to St. Lucia was spent at the Northern end of the island, relaxing in the sun, but that’s not all St. Lucia has to offer. Once we were fully relaxed, it was time for some adventure.  So we packed up & headed down to the Southern part of the island, home to the famous Piton mountain peaks, ziplining, and a volcano. Our home base in this area was Stonefield Estate. I was certain that our taxi was taking us to the wrong place when he turned down a private gated, one lane road lined with so much beautiful pink bougainvillea, that our cab had to push through it with flowers scraping the sides. Upon our arrive at the main house we were greeted with chilled lemongrass towels and a special golden apple drink that was delicious and such a relief after traveling down that intensely curvy road. I have since discovered that you can take a helicopter from one end of the island to the other instead of doing the drive. I think I’ll opt for that next time!

The best way to describe Stonefield Estate is garden paradise. This part of the island is much more mountainous so it is not on a beach. What you get instead is a private plunge pool with lush garden surroundings and intensely beautiful views. Our cottage was named Gingerlily. The outer fence led you through your own garden area to yet another door. That door opened onto a stunning porch with rocking chairs, Adirondack chairs, and outdoor eating area, and a hammock for two, all right next to our very own private plunge pool in the shadow of the Grand Piton. We found this gem on Groupon and it is easily one of the most amazing places that I’ve ever stayed!

Stonefield Estate | Stonefield Estate |

This is the hidden entrance after walking through your garden!

Stonefield Estate | On our final day, we spent as long as possible in this hammock!

Stonefield Estate in St. Lucia | Stonefield Estate | Stonefield Estate | Stonefield Estate in St. Lucia | Stonefield Estate in St. Lucia | Stonefield Estate | Stonefield Estate | Stonefield Estate | The resort restaurant was located at the main pool. We never went swimming in it because we had our own pool, but we sat, perched on the edge, for breakfast every morning. The restaurant definitely worked on “island time” which forced us to spend more time soaking up this view!

Stonefield Estate | Stonefield Estate |

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