The third Sandals resort on St. Lucia is the biggest and aptly named Sandals Grande. It sits on the Pigeon Island and area called Gros Islet. It unique because it sits on a peninsula so almost all rooms have an ocean view. One side looks onto the main white sand beaches of Rodney Bay while the other looks out onto the wilder, darker blue waters at the tip of the island.

Sandals Grande St. Lucia | Sandals Grande St. Lucia | Sandals Grande was the most impressive of the three St. Lucia Sandals resorts. It was gorgeous, well decorated and bright. The pools were packed full of people belly up at the swim up bars, dancing to the music, or playing volleyball in the water. It was also the biggest resort. The whole place felt very similar to being in Vegas except that you are surrounded by the Caribbean water.

Sandals Grande St. Lucia |

Sandals Grande sits on Rodney Bay which has calm clear water. It was a popular place for boats to anchor for the night and a great place for anchored water beds! They are like trampolines crossed with hammocks in the water. You could simply walk out there and hop on. It was so nice to bask in the sun while the cool water laps over you.

Over looking the water were endless spots to relax in the sun, including funky blue over sized living room furniture!

Sandals Grande St. Lucia | There are some stunning cabanas with private plunge pools & butler service that I eyed longingly!

Sandals Grande St. Lucia |

We opted for lunch at Barefoot by the Sea, their sand filled restaurant right on the water. The shade, fans, and canoes filled with drinks provided a much needed respite from the sun. We loved digging in to Caribbean Jerk Chicken while digging our toes into the sand. If we come back, I’ll eat lunch here every day!

For dinner, we dolled up (one of the best parts of staying at a Sandals! I love swimwear during the day, dressy by night!) and headed to dinner at Toscanini’s for some amazing Italian food. Reservations are recommended!

The gorgeous over water gazebo in the first photo of this post has fire pits that light up at night. After dinner we took drinks down to sit by the fire over the water. It was a beautiful place to relax. Can I come here every night?

Just before leaving we ducked into the English pub, a nod to St. Lucia’s British roots, for a drink and some darts while we waited for our shuttle to take us back to Sandals Halcyon.

Now that I’ve shared all three, which Sandals would you pick?

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