Merry Christmas Eve everyone! I hope that you are all spending time with your loved ones tonight and that you have a wonderful Christmas Day tomorrow!

If you’re anything like my family, Christmas Eve is a busy time. My mom has a tradition of gathering clothes for infants throughout December, then on Christmas Eve we take them over to the hospital so that every baby born this time of year has warm clothes to go home in. It’s a heartwarming tradition and we always have so much fun with the nurses who are on duty. After church and delivering goodies, we gather around the Christmas tree to open one present. I look back on this tradition and realize that it was always a toy to keep us entertained while visiting relatives and spending hours at church, but I always loved that it felt like a sneak peak!

Red & Green Appetizer Ravioli Bites |

We traditionally have Brunswick Stew on Christmas Eve. It is everyone’s favorite, it’s warm and comforting, and it can be made ahead of time so that we can eat around everything else. This year I’m adding these Red & Green Ravioli Appetizer Bites to the menu. They can be very simply made by buying a jar of pasta sauce and frozen ravioli or you can go all out and make both ahead of time. I usually like to find a happy medium by picking up ravioli from our local Italian deli. That way they were handmade, just not by me!  Red & Green Appetizer Ravioli Bites |

Fully cook ravioli by adding them to boiling water for 8-12 minutes. (Cook meat filled ravioli longer than cheese filled). I opted for spinach ravioli for a more festive look! Cook jarred pasta sauce or make your own. Ladle one spoonful of pasta sauce into each serving dish. I found the spoons to be the easiest to eat with. Cut ravioli into bite site pieces. Gently place each ravioli on the pasta sauce. These can be served warm or chill them in the fridge. I opted to served them chilled, gazpacho style. It allows you to get everything ready early and bring them out at the last minute.
Red & Green Appetizer Ravioli Bites |

In the new year I will be adding a Wanderlust Wednesdays component to the blog! Check back them for some delicious homemade pasta, pizza, and gelato!  Red & Green Appetizer Ravioli Bites |

What are you serving for Christmas Eve dinner?

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