These days, I seek to embody balance. Our days are so hectic & energy filled as our little one has started to learn how to explore the world. It makes our quiet evenings together and visits with friends that much more cherished & needed. It’s our chance to put aside fuzzy toys & bouncy balls, maybe light a fire, maybe turn on twinkle lights, invite some friends over, and definitely pour up a fun cocktail & enjoy some time just for ourselves. This Raspberry Mule cocktail is just the ticket! It combines single estate, copper crafted vodka with bright, refreshing raspberries in a traditional Moscow Mule ginger beer. Plus, how glamorous does it look in those gorgeously warm copper mugs? Copper Makes It Better with friends! So ready to invite some friends over for drinks! Who’s in??
Raspberry Mule with Absolut Elyx |

Because our time is so limited, I demand that these moments be extra luxurious. It starts with high quality ingredients, then add in the ambiance, then I am ready to be surrounded by friends and family! Absolut Elyx is the luxury expression of Absolut. Just by setting out its gorgeous copper bottle that glitters in the twinkle lights, I can already feel myself relaxing. It’s a single estate, copper crafted vodka from using winter wheat from Southern Sweden. The production takes place within a 15 mile radius.
Raspberry Mule with Absolut Elyx |
Raspberry Mule with Absolut Elyx |
Let’s talk copper. Absolut Elyx is crafted using a vintage copper still from 1921, which is hand operated (so cool!). This process has inspired some amazing copper pieces in the Absolut Elyx shop. I am totally in love with these pineapple print mule cups! They are so elegant and catch the light in a luxurious way. Check out the Elyx Boutique to see the rest of their stunning, timeless stemware & bar tools. This Christmas I am wishing for that pineapple gift box but I’m not sure I can resist a copper gnome!! The Elyx Boutique is the perfect spot for snapping up unique, stylish gifts this holiday season. Let’s be honest, I’ll snapping some of these up so that I can borrow them!
Raspberry Mule with Absolut Elyx |

This is the season of giving. It’s the time to be conscientious with our purchases. That’s why I love Absolut Elyx. They donate a weeks worth of safe drinking water for each bottle of Elyx sold in the US through a partnership with Water for People. Rather than grabbing a bottle of wine as a gift this season as I head out to holiday parties and friend’s homes, I am instead picking up a gorgeous, glittery bottle of Absolut Elyx for a luxurious way to support those in need.
Raspberry Mule with Absolut Elyx |
Raspberry Mule with Absolut Elyx |
Raspberry Mule with Absolut Elyx


  • 3 Parts Absolut Elyx
  • 1 Part Fresh Homemade Raspberry Cordial*
  • 1 Part Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice
  • Top Ginger Beer
  • Vessel: Copper Mule Cup
  • Garnish: Fresh Raspberries


  1. Method: Combine all ingredients in a copper mule cup over crushed ice, top with ginger beer and garnish
  2. Preparation level: Simple
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