Last month I shared the last 7 months of Baby James growing up in partnership with Cord Blood Registry (check out “10 Things to Know About Preserving Newborn Stem Cells”). I realized that I never shared his newborn photos or my maternity photos on the blog! SO here are some of the sweetest photos of our little one and a few funny stories of our experience. These photos were all taken by the amazing Aimee Pool Photography. I’m compiling a list of “must haves” for new moms from my experience. She tops the list!

Newborn Photo Shoot | Newborn Photo Shoot |

As a brand new mom, this was the best experience ever. Aimee has a gorgeous studio in Scott’s Valley. At first I was wondering if we wanted to get photos in our home, but when it came down to it, I was SO grateful that we didn’t. The first two months with a newborn are the most challenging & intense days of my life. I loved every minute with our lil guy, but I have no idea how we survived. We tell the story of one of our first Dr’s appointments, just a few days after going home….the nurse asked me what his birthday was as a form of control questions to make sure we were who we say we are and I blurted out Tuesday. I hadn’t slept since then and I had no idea what day it was. I asked what day it was and started trying to count out how old he was. The nurse sort of just waved my incoherent babbling aside. I was clearly a new mom. No question about it!

Point of the story was that it was really nice to not have to clean up our place or get it looking picture perfect. We showed up at Aimee’s studio in a daze. She had water & snacks for us, a couch to sit and feed him, a changing table with anything we may have forgotten, hair & makeup was all arranged for me, she had a gorgeous wardrobe of romantic dresses that I could choose from, and the cutest little wraps for James. She popped on a few sound machines, swaddled him up far better than we could, and snapped away. He slept the whole time! (There were many frustrating nights were I wanted to get in the car and drive all the way to Scott’s Valley to have Aimee swaddle him for us!!!) I’ve never felt more taken care of and just look how AMAZING these shots are! As James climbs all over me and insists on standing on his own, I cherish each one of these photos of his tiny fingers and little wrinkles.

Newborn Photo Shoot | Newborn Photo Shoot | Newborn Photo Shoot |

James was born on April 25th, right before the hottest summer on record. I mean it broke the record that was last set in 1950!!! The official record is 108 but my phone definitely said that we hit 116 degrees. Now I know some of you in areas like Arizona or New Mexico are scoffing right now, but of the 7 million people living in the Bay Area with an average high of 60 degrees, I’d say maybe 5% have air conditioning. We are not in that 5% percent. Picking up huge iced boba teas was an almost daily outing for us during the summer. All summer we called James’s toes little bobas. His big toe was the exact size of a honey boba, while his little toes were the size of popping bobas! So precious!

Newborn Photo Shoot | Newborn Photo Shoot | Newborn Photo Shoot | Newborn Photo Shoot | Newborn Photo Shoot | Newborn Photo Shoot | Newborn Photo Shoot |

So grateful to have these sweet moments & cannot get over how tiny he was!

Newborn Photo Shoot |

How great does my hair look here??? That was not my doing!

Newborn Photo Shoot |

This is literally my favorite photo of all time!!!!

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