So I’m a little bit behind in editing our Europe photos for sharing. At least I was able to share the German Christmas Museum before the end of the year! Our little guy has gotten so much more active & my time has been spending playing with him rather than working! SO, instead of Europe, here is a little bit more about New York City that I hadn’t shared yet. Previously I’ve shared about visiting the Statue of Liberty & Ellis island. While in New York we stayed at the Strand Hotel in Midtown. It has the most amazing rooftop bar. There is a retractable glass roof so no matter what the weather is, you can lounge up on top of the hotel & look up at an amazing view of the Empire State Building! 

This was a fairly surreal day. We woke up in Paris, had lunch & saw the Last Supper in Milan, then had dinner at this rooftop bar in New York City looking at the Empire State Building! Midtown isn’t normally where I would want to stay in New York & the rooms were a little small, but the location was so convenient for the touristy activities that we wanted to do & getting in from an international flight & being able to grab drinks & food rooftop was so perfect.

The weather started out great, but then it started raining. No worries, the roof just pulled out and we could keep the party going!

The next morning I was up at the crack of dawn thanks to jet lag. I let Ben sleep in as long as I could stand, then I made up pop up & get to the Empire State Building right when they opened & guys, I’m SO glad we did! I was very over standing line at the point, but we just breezed right through the whole thing! There were no lines & we practically ran through it. I’ve always wanted to see the Empire State Building. Elf is one of my all time favorite movies & I was in heaven being in this lobby!

I wanted to press all of the buttons in the elevator just like on Elf, but they have elevator attendants preventing that sort of behavior!

Look at that incredible view! You can see the Statue of Liberty & One Twin Tower, where we stopped later in the day.

Central Park really is incredible!


After going up the Empire State Building, we walked over to Times Square! Its so painfully touristy, but it’s hard to go to New York City & not take a quick peep at those sky high billboards & see all of the people rushing about!

Then we headed down to see the Statue of Liberty & grab some pizza. We didn’t get a chance to go to some of the famous New York pizzerias just due to time constraints so near the 9/11 Memorial we yelped the best pizza place in town & dug into a big pie.

Stopping at the 9/11 Memorial was something that was really important to me. We walked there from the Statue of Liberty ferry stop. I don’t have words to describe the impact of standing there, reading the names, remembering where we were when it happened, and reflecting on the sacrifices made that day and how it has molded out country ever since.

What would be a trip to New York without a stop in at Shake Shack! Yum! I was just talking to my Dad about how excited we are that Shake Shack is coming to Palo Alto. So excited!!!

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