My Jolly Blogger Award

I was nominated by the amazing Life.Love.Lindsey for the Jolly Blogger Award!

Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy getting to know a little bit more about my holiday traditions.

My Questions:

1. Have you ever made a gingerbread house?

What a great tradition, I try to do it every year with the Winter Camp that I run. It’s so much more fun to build with kids! Even if I can’t make one myself, I love to visit the Westin St. Francis in Union Square in San Francisco to see their incredible sugar creations.

Westin St. Francis 2015 “Sugar Tree”

2. Would you rather have one really great gift, or a lot of not so great gifts?

One really great gift! Quality over quantity every time!

3. Do you have a favorite Christmas cookie?Chocolate Chip Cookies

Nothing beats a hot chocolate chip cookie!

4. Have you ever left cookies & milk for Santa?

Absolutely, who doesn’t love an excuse to whip up a batch of yummy cookies?

5. White or colored tree lights?

My tree this year!

Always white lights! I love the classic look of the white sparkles on the tree.

6. Do you have a favorite ornament on your tree?

I have a gorgeous photo block of Ben & I relaxing on the front porch of my grandparent’s farm. It reminds of one of my favorite moments on such a special day.


7. Any holiday traditions?

Every year I go to the Nutcracker with my mom, on Christmas Eve our family lights the Advent candles, and on Christmas morning we open gifts together as a family with the dog and cat loving the crazy wrapping paper everywhere!

8. What is your favorite winter outfit?

A big snugly cashmere sweater, black skinny jeans, killer boots, and a fitted leather jacket.

9. Cozy by the fire, or playing in the snow?

As much as I love running around in the snow, I always look forward to being curled up by the fire with my love at the end of the day!

10. What is the best Christmas gift you got?

Our first Christmas together Ben got me a gorgeous leather bound copy of Plato’s Love Stories that I had been drooling over in this adorable little bookstore in Campbell. I thought it was such a romantic gift and so sweet that he noticed how much I wanted it.

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Your Questions:

1. What is your top New Year’s Resolution?

2. What drink is in your hand as you toast to the New Year?

3. Big crazy party or quiet dinner for two as the ball drops?

4. What will you be wearing to ring in the New Year?

5. What was your favorite part of 2014?

6. What are you most looking forward to in 2015?

7. What’s the cheesiest resolution you’ve ever heard of?

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