Getting out onto the water is a must in the Caribbean. The water is so beautiful and calm that it feels like you can just be out there forever! We took advantage of the calm waters and spent the day kayaking out to a small private island. It’s one of the benefits of staying at Sandals Halcyon, which I shared last week. Check out our video at the bottom! So much fun!

The water was so warm and calm! The kayak just glided across the water. The wind did pick up, cooling our ride down and adding some choppiness to the water as we got farther away from the main island, but we were determined to make it!

We pulled our kayak on shore & spent some time just wandering around. How often do you get your own private island?? The beach was a little rocky, but the water was perfect for skipping rocks on! The island was pretty rocky & hilly. It was definitely only accessible by small watercraft! One other couple arrived just as we were able to leave so we only had to share the island long enough to get a photo of the two of us together!

When we got back from our day of kayaking we took a long sunset walk along the beach looking out at the island that we spend the day kayaking around.

Then we popped over to Kimonos, our favorite dinner restaurant at Sandals Halcyon. It’s a hibachi grill where we had a great time making friends with the other couples at our grill. There is a gorgeous outside seating area around water features and fire pits to lounge until your table is ready. Kimonos is attached to Soy, their sushi restaurant where we grabbed some sushi and drinks as a reward for all of our hard work kayaking!

One final walk along the water to see our little island. How stunning does it look with that sunset???

What water activity would be on your “can’t miss” list in the Caribbean?

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