This is the final post about Hotel Chocolate in St. Lucia. If you missed Part 1: Tree to Bean Experience  or Part 2: Bean to Bar, go check them out! Getting to learn all about how chocolate is make from hands on picking a cocoa bean to grafting our own cocoa plant, to grinding & pouring our own chocolate bar, it was an experience not to be missed! While our delicious chocolate bars that we made from scratch were setting, we popped over to the Hotel Chocolate bar for a cocktail & some lunch.

Hotel Chocolate |

Let’s chat about this cocktail for a minute. This drink is a Cocoa Gin Martini. I don’t like gin. I’m not a fan. This gin is a game changer. This drink ranks in my top drinks of all time. If you have a chance, go here, have this, thank me later!

Hotel Chocolate |

The view of the Grand Piton from the open air bar & restaurant is amazing. It’s hard to believe we hiked that!!! More on that next week!

Hotel Chocolate | Hotel Chocolate |

From the start of the meal to the end cocoa was incorporated in everything. We enjoyed cocoa balsalmic vinegar, cocoa butter, cocoa in the bread, cocoa burger, steak, chicken & fish then finished up with cocoa in ice dessert: cocoa fruit gelato, creamy cocoa ice cream, & dark chocolate ice. When you think of cocoa being in everything, you would think that everything would be sweet, but cocoa nibs are actually very bitter. Chocolate doesn’t get it sweetness until sugar & butter is added in. This meant that the cocoa added an interesting flavor balance to each of the dishes!

Hotel Chocolate | Hotel Chocolate | Hotel Chocolate | At lunch, Ben got a curry chicken pita wrap. It was such an nontraditional choice, but the cocoa gave it an amazing balanced flavor. Sooo good!

Hotel Chocolate | Lunch after our Bean to Bar Experience was so delicious that we ended up coming back that night for dinner! I could happily stay here and eat all of my meals here. So good!

What’s the most untraditional chocolate dish you’ve ever had?

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