For our wedding, my Aunt Edna made her famous Homemade Sugar Mints. We placed the pretty white mints in dishes at our reception. For our recent baby shower, I thought…What better way to thank our friends and family than by continuing the homemade mint tradition?!? So I found some super adorable baby rattler molds on Amazon & whipped up a batch for our guests.

Our baby shower had a travel theme. When I was first pregnant with our little munchkin we traveled all over Europe, as I’m sure you saw in our Baby Announcement. So our theme for the baby’s nursery & the baby shower, was “You are our greatest adventure!” We tied that travel adventure theme into everything we did, from the decor, down to the favors! Each guest received a little map treasure box at “baggage claim” that was filled with these little treats.

These homemade sugar mints are surprisingly easy to make. There aren’t too many ingredients and the mints don’t require any set time. You simply mold the “dough” into each mold to give it its shape, then pop them out immediately. What does take time is individually molding the “dough” into each tiny little mold. I bought 6 molds just to be safe, but I really could have done it with one since they don’t have to sit. Make sure to store them in the refrigerator right so that they don’t get all melty. If you are not sharing them right away, then place them in freezer safe containers and store in the freezer until needed. They taste just as good after being frozen as they do fresh. This really helps with party planning because you can make these plenty ahead of time!

For an extra pop of color, I layered the baby rattle homemade sugar mints on top of pastel colored M&M’s that matched the colors of the maps on the outside of the box.

Homemade Sugar Mints


  • 1 box 10X confectioners sugar minus ¼ c
  • ¼ c melted butter or margarine
  • 7 drops coloring
  • 7 drops oil of peppermint


  1. Mix with fork until all is moist. Add 2 ½-3 Tbs. evaporated milk. Mix with hand until workable. Don’t get too moist. Place into mold & remove immediately. OK to freeze.

What’s your favorite party favor idea?

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