Two years ago today I got engaged to pretty much the greatest guy of all time! In honor of our anniversary, I am sharing the story of how Ben proposed!

Our Story:

On September 28, 2013 (exactly one month before our 3 year anniversary) Ben and I headed up to Sonoma for the day. With Napa and Sonoma being only an hour and half away, it is our favorite getaway spot. We would often head up to get away from the crush of the city. Its so relaxing to walk among the vineyards or simply look out onto the countryside.

 For this trip up I made a few suggestions of places to visit, but Ben had other plans in mind. We started at Jacuzzi, a beautiful winery that we had been to on our first trip to Sonoma. If you haven’t been, I highly recommend it! You can end your tasting with a shot of port in mini chocolate cups. Also, there is an amazing olive oil shop in the winery. So many to try, so little time! After an fun but uneventful visit at Jacuzzi, Ben suggested that we head next door to Viansa Winery, a gorgeous hilltop winery next door that I had been wanting to try!

When we went in, we started with a tasting at the counter. The lovely girl serving us offered us a tour of the winery. I was surprised, but who is going to turn that down???? Delighted we toured the barrel room & vintage tasting room before heading down to the vineyards. As we walked among the vines, there in the middle of the vineyard was a private picnic laid out for us, complete with champagne, roses, and a picnic basket for us! It was beyond perfect! I was stunned.

I’ll be honest, at this point I started hoping….but we just casually ate our delicious lunch and talked about nothing in particular. Then when I was least expecting it, I turned around and Ben had knelt down to propose! The answer was a resounding yes! I was totally overwhelmed and took at least 15 minutes before I could even look at the gorgeous ring! Nothing could have been more perfect. 
Viansa Engagement |
Viansa Engagement | Viansa Engagement | Viansa Engagement | Viansa Engagement | Viansa Engagement | Viansa Engagement | Viansa Engagement | www.sweetteasweetie.comI’ll be sharing our gorgeous engagement photos later this week. Check back next week for more Southern inspired meals!

What’s your engagement story?

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