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When you are preparing for your next trip, what’s your packing style? Are you a throw a bunch of things in a bag at the last minute & hope for the best kind of person or a carefully planned out packer with outfit guides? To be honest, I been both at different times. For a short getaway, I normally end up throwing things together at the last minute, but for a bigger trip, I spend a ridiculous amount of time planning out what to bring. The more I travel, the better I get at packing. I have it down to the bare necessities now. Check out these fun pins for a travel light guide, a cold weather guide,  and a great travel journal as packing inspiration. My absolute favorite travel guide is by the Everyday Girl. It’s one of those guides that I find myself referring back to as I pack. They break down tips and tricks on how to pack everything for easy access during your flight and compartmentalize everything.  Naked Bars | www.sweetteasweetie.com

Day Bag Must Haves:

Headphones – all of our tours provided handheld radios that allowed us to hear the guide while wandering around looking at things. It was especially awesome at the Colosseum where there was so much to look at with every story, but every single time I was so glad that I had my own headphones to use. Headphones are not something I’m looking to share.

Sunglasses – whether they are to keep the sun out of your eyes or to make you look slightly less jet lagged (me!)

Backup Charger – Photos, maps, music for long train rides, etc. I use my phone for pretty much everything, even more so when I am traveling. I have learned the hard way to always bring a back up charger!

Scarf – if the weather cools, if we need an impromptu picnic blanket, or if unfamiliar scents are getting to me, I rely on having a scarf in my bag at all times. This was also very helpful when visiting churches or other holy sites that require specific attire. A scarf can quickly cover your head, shoulders, or knees as needed.

Passport or ID – Make sure that it matches the name on all of the tickets that you purchase exactly! I made the mistake of buying a train ticket in France for “Ben” instead of “Benjamin”….the French police were convinced that it wasn’t him. I was totally terrified that we were going to get kicked off the train. The best part was that we were relying on my high school French skills to talk us out of this situation. Eek! To this day, I’m still not sure whether they ever understood me or felt that it wasn’t worth the trouble and let us off the hook.

Snack Bars – Jetlag and the time changes can really throw me off when I travel. Just because you are in the middle of hiking Mount Etna or wandering through Pompeii doesn’t mean your body is aware that it’s not dinner time. It’s important to me to be able to experience local culture and food. The food served near major tourist attractions, is usually overpriced & low quality tourist food. I prefer to keep exploring and wait to eat until we stumble upon a hidden gem, packed with locals before stopping to eat. I always pack some little snacks in my bag like nuts or bars to help keep me going. That way I don’t eat food that’s not worth it! Naked Bars | www.sweetteasweetie.com

When I pick out a snack to bring with me, I am always looking for something that will taste good, but still be good for you. I prefer something all natural and made with whole ingredients rather than a long list of mystery items. Nakd Bars by Natural Balance Foods totally fit that bill. They are made from natural ingredients (real fruits & nuts) with no added sugars. They are gluten, wheat, and dairy free and totally vegan so they work for pretty much anyone. Plus they are small so they tuck nicely into my bag. Check out their Vegan Diet Plan for more info. Their most popular one, the Cocoa Orange is my absolute favorite Nakd bar with the Strawberry Crunch as a close second. 
Naked Bars | www.sweetteasweetie.com

Thanks to Natural Balance Foods for sending these to me to try out. All opinions are still my own!

What are your packing tips?

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