Think of visiting your favorite museum, now picture getting to get hands on with every exhibit, and do so with food & drink in hand, plus no kids! That’s what you get at Exploratorium After Dark! It’s the perfect date night option! I went this past Thursday night and am going to walk you through how much fun it was. Then you can visit the Exploratorium After Dark website to see upcoming events & themes, pick your favorite, and book tickets using code FUTUREFOOD for 5% off individual tickets so that you can experience it yourself!

First things first, lets talk logistics. The Exploratorium is located on the Embarcadero at Pier 15. There is a paid lot (not affiliated with the museum) across the street or I recommend taking public transit/a ride share there. The building is huge & well lit, you can’t miss it! When my husband & I were making our plans to go, we were trying to figure out what to do about dinner. Rather than deal with reservations somewhere & parking, we opted to try out the restaurant at the Exploratorium. During Exploratorium After Dark it’s open until 9:30pm. Yum! So the right choice! It made for a really fun evening to be able to just show up, have some food & drinks, and try out all of the fun, interactive displays. With our lil 6 month old (almost!) at home, being able to kiss him good bye and head off to a one stop shop is so relaxing & just what we needed!

There are a couple of bars set up around the museum so that you can grab a drink near your favorite exhibit.

If you are a member during Exploratorium After Dark you get your own line at the bar & let me tell you…so worth it! The regular line was always much longer! Use the code FUTUREFOOD for $5 off an individual or dual membership! Pay a flat rate & get to go as many times as you want! Each week is a different theme so it never gets old.

They also had a food table set up with delicious foccacia bread for sale. I walked by the table a few times before caving & snapping one up for myself. I am so glad I did. YUM!

Once you are ready for dinner, head to the SeaGlass Restaurant onsite. Its a gorgeous, casual restaurant with pretty views of the bay.

There were several tantalizing items on the menu, but I was drawn in my the sushi chef & opted for a spicy salmon avocado roll. The roll did not disappoint! It was so good!

You also have the choice of fresh pressed juices if you want a healthy option….

Or get your sweetness from some local honey…

Or like me, enjoy a fresh baked funfetti cookie!!!

There is a bar in the restaurant serving up specialty drinks all night. I opted for a fresh strawberry & lime caipirinha.

Alright, back into the Exploratorium After Dark. If there is one must see exhibit here, its the Tactile Dome. I didn’t know what to expect & it was so much fun so I will leave you with the official description & the promise that it is a one of a kind activity!

“Take an interactive excursion through total darkness in our Tactile Dome. Crawl, slide, and bump your way through the pitch-dark Dome using your sense of touch as your only guide through its chambers and mazes.”

Now onto color…it’s hard to leave the Exploratorium After Dark because there are so many gorgeous exhibits. I could have spent all night just Instagramming color. How picture perfect are these? It’s hard to take a bad shot!

While at the Exploratorium After Dark, take advantage of the exhibitors. They have a really cool High School Explainer Program with volunteers engaging you all around the museum. There are also special talks. Each week there is a different theme so check out the calendar to see which weeks you can’t miss. I have my eye on the Future Food one!

Every step you take there are different interactive exhibits. Unlike most museums, this one is completely hands on! If one exhibit is busy, jump onto the next one! The great thing about Exploratorium After Dark is that its 18+ so you get a much different vibe than during the day when its more of a school age or family oriented feel. It’s perfect for a calm date night out without the kids!

Interested in visiting Exploratorium After Dark yourself? Don’t forget to save 5% on individual After Dark tickets through November 30th and $5 off an individual or dual membership package using promo code FUTUREFOOD.

What is your favorite way to explore the city without kids?

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