Did you know that July is Cord Blood Awareness month? Whether to do cord blood banking or not was a big decision for us. One that I spent a lot of hours researching & literally made the final decision on the week we went into the hospital to bring our little man into this world. It really feels like just yesterday that we were sitting up late with paperwork spread out all over the dining room table, trying to make decisions that I knew could impact our lives years from now. I can’t believe that two months have already gone by! Our lil guy is growing so quickly!  


Spoiler alert…..we decided to do cord blood banking. I wanted to have all possible options available to us in the future. It really came down to that I didn’t want to regret taking this option when I had the chance, in case we end up needing the stem cells sometime down the line. I really hope that we never have to use them, but just in case, I rest a little easier knowing that the option is there. Everyone has their different reasons & various budgets, but that’s what did it for us.

CBR is the leading cord blood bank & they had a lot of great information for us as we were doing our research. They have been doing this for 20 years and are the largest cord blood bank. Check out their website for more information if you are interested. Research has discovered a use for stem cells in the treatment of 80 diseases and more research continues to explore potential additional uses for cord blood.

If you are curious about the process or overwhelmed, I totally get it. Those final months of my pregnancy, I was feeling overwhelmed too. I was actually so surprised by how easy cord blood banking was. Fill out the paperwork online & CBR will send you a kit with instructions. Simply make sure that you bring the kit with you to the hospital & notify the nurses when you arrive that this is something that you want to do. I packed the kit with our go bag & put my husband in charge. Once at the hospital the nurses added that we were doing this to our chart & took over from there. After our lil guy arrived, we just called in to have the kit picked up & we were all set. I definitely had been picturing something much harder until I took the time to look into it. Again, it really came down to it being just a few extra steps now might make a world of difference sometime in the future & I knew I would be glad that I did it.

You can find out so much more information on CBR’s website & they are available for online or a phone chat. Yep, I was that mom calling at 9pm with a million questions, then had to call back again because I forgot. It’s a big decision. Don’t be afraid to learn more. It’s something I wish that more people talked about. Even deciding to cord blood bank, a lot of our family had never even heard of it.

Have you thought about cord blood banking?

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