This Mother’s Day I am thankful for all of the wonderful mothers in my life. I am so grateful to have a wonderful mom, mother in law, grandmother, and grandmother in law.  In honor of Mother’s Day, I am sharing some of my favorite photos of my Mother in Law and Grandmother in Law from our wedding & some ideas on how to include them in your wedding day. These gorgeous photos were taken by Rebecca Keeling.

To both my Mother in Law and my Grandmother in Law, thank you so much for all that you do!

Thankful for my Mother in Law |

It’s so important to make sure that the Mother of the Groom feels included in your special day. My husband is an only child so this was her only chance to be apart of a wedding. I wanted to make sure that our marriage started off on the right foot by

Here are some ideas of ways to include the Mother of the Groom:

  • Invite her to come when you try on wedding dresses
  • Give her a special role in the ceremony (like the lighting of a candle or a flower gifting)
  • Let her be your point person with the groom and the groomsmen (those boys need to be taken care of too!)
  • See if she has any creative talents that she’d like to share. (My Mother in Law is incredibly crafty. She created beautiful hand stamped cake cutting tools, personalized hangars for the bridesmaids, and wrapped each bouquet in lace.)
  • Give her a place of honor at dinner
  • Introduce her to key family members before the wedding day
  • Offer shawls for the grandmother (both of the bride & the groom) to help them keep warm
  • Make sure that the grandmother of the groom has someone to escort her down the aisle

How are you honoring the Mother of the Groom in your wedding?


Thankful for my Mother in Law |

Mother in Law

You are the mother I received

the day I wed your son…

I just want to thank you,

for all the things you’ve done.

Thankful for my Mother in Law | Thankful for my Mother in Law | Thankful for my Mother in Law | Thankful for my Mother in Law | Thankful for my Mother in Law | Thankful for my Mother in Law | Thankful for my Mother in Law | Thankful for my Mother in Law |

How are you remembering your in laws this Mother’s Day?

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