Taking a Sunset Boat tour was not originally in our plans for St. Lucia, however after hiking the Grand Piton & seeing the view of the ocean, I wanted to switch over to the ocean to see the view of the Grand Piton. Our sunset cruise departed from the harbor in Soufriere, looped out around the pitons, then brought us back to the glittering harbor as the golden light faded away. It was so much fun and such a good reminder that sometimes the best experiences can be spur of the moment!

St. Lucia Sunset Boat Tour | St. Lucia Sunset Boat Tour |

Our cruise took us right past Anse Chastnet and Jade Mountain! If you look at this photo in the center, on the far left hand side, you will see a little ledge jutting out into the greenery. That was our table when we ate dinner at the Treehouse Restaurant! Up above you can see the blue ledges of the private plunge pools in the open air rooms at Jade Mountain. So stunning!

Can you believe we willingly chose to hike that!?! So proud of us!

St. Lucia Sunset Boat Tour |

The boat flew the flag of St. Lucia proudly. It was on this boat trip that I learned that the flag is designed to represent the two pitons (you can see the Petit Piton inside the Gros Piton), the most recognizable landmark for the country and a great source of pride. The blue is for the ocean that surrounds them. Simple, but beautiful!


St. Lucia Sunset Boat Tour | St. Lucia Sunset Boat Tour | St. Lucia Sunset Boat Tour |

After viewing all sides of the Pitons, we cruised up to the harbor at Soufriere where some mega yachts were moored.

It made me wonder who this yacht belonged to and if they would like to be friends with me!!

The lights of Soufriere glittered on the water, welcoming us back!


I just love how the homes are nestled into the jungle of St. Lucia!

St. Lucia’s most recognizable feature are the Pitons, two volcanic necks sitting side by side on the Southern coast. They are an Unesco World Heritage Site and are named the Gros (grand) Piton & Petit (petite) Piton. Hiking these was on my bucket list and we couldn’t leave St. Lucia without heading up! We hiked […]

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St. Lucia Drive In Volcano and Mud Baths |

One of the excursions on St. Lucia that always makes the guidebooks, is the “Drive-In” Volcano and mud baths. I immediately had visions of being in a 4×4 Jeep bouncing over black roads with red lava next to us. My movie inspired vision wasn’t quite right! St. Lucia is a volcanic island. One of the […]

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This is the final post about Hotel Chocolate in St. Lucia. If you missed Part 1: Tree to Bean Experience  or Part 2: Bean to Bar, go check them out! Getting to learn all about how chocolate is make from hands on picking a cocoa bean to grafting our own cocoa plant, to grinding & pouring our […]

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Think of visiting your favorite museum, now picture getting to get hands on with every exhibit, and do so with food & drink in hand, plus no kids! That’s what you get at Exploratorium After Dark! It’s the perfect date night option! I went this past Thursday night and am going to walk you through how […]

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For our final St. Lucia adventure and my favorite by far, we headed over to Hotel Chocolate, a Boucan Estate. They offer a Tree to Bar experience where we learned how the different cocoa beans grow, got to plant our own cocoa bean tree, then make our own bar of chocolate. This was such a […]

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One of the most gorgeous places to visit on St. Lucia is the Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens. St. Lucia is a mountainous island with rich volcanic soil. Although most people think of the great beaches on St. Lucia, the center of the island is a rich jungle. The Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens are the oldest […]

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Although our hotel in Soufriere had stunning, dramatic mountain jungle views & a private plunge pool, it didn’t have beach access. When in the Caribbean, you need beach access! Tucked in between the two Pitons is a stunning, white sand beach called Sugar Beach & a resort with the same name. Our hotel ran a […]

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For dinner on our first night in Soufriere we went to the Treehouse restaurant at Anse Chastnet followed by drinks at the famous Jade Mountain. You may recognize Jade Mountain from its appearance on the Bachelor, but let me tell you…it is so much better! We were staying at the nearby Stonefield Estate Resort and […]

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