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Sunday is Father’s Day! What are you guys doing for all of those special dad’s out there? We are extra excited to celebrate this year because this is the first year that we have our little munchkin so it’s my husband’s first Father’s Day where we will get to celebrate him! Since our baby is only 2 months old, our celebration will be pretty low key. I think just getting some sleep would be a celebration!

Texas Cheese Ball |

A crowd favorite that we may serve up on Father’s Day is this Texas Cheese Ball. Its a mixture of cream cheese, corned beef, scallions, and almonds. A meat & cheese dip seems like nice manly dish to throw out there for Dad’s day. This is a recipe that I got in Texas at one of the many church potlucks that we went to. It’s not the fanciest looking dish but dive in because you will find that it is delicious!! There is a nice salty note, mixed with the combo of creaminess and crunch. Just a note about the recipe, it literally makes a Texas sized cheese ball! You could cover an entire plate with it! I opted to make the whole recipe then split it in half to make two smaller Texas Cheese Balls. One I served up with a variety of crackers and the other with brightly colored vegetables! It made it look prettier & easier to plate.

Texas Cheese Ball | Texas Cheese Ball | Quick funny story….the first time I made this, I thought that I would be smart & use my food processor to mix everything together. I was sick of stirring ingredients into stiff cream cheese. That corned beef processed in with the cream cheese made this pink slime looking substance! It was delicious, but so not edible looking. Now I don’t wimp out & put the arm power in to hand stir it all together!

Texas Cheese Ball | Texas Cheese Ball | Texas Cheese Ball |

Texas Cheese Ball


  • 3 Packages cream cheese
  • 2 Packages buddig corned beef
  • 2 Bunches scallions, chopped
  • 4 Cloves garlic
  • 1 Tablespoon worcestershire sauce
  • 1 Tablespoon Krazy Janes (or your favorite multispice)
  • 1 Tablespoon Lemon juice
  • 2 Cups chopped almonds


  1. Chop corned beef into small pieces.
  2. Dice scallions & garlic.
  3. Save 1 cup chopped almonds.
  4. Combine the rest of the ingredients & mix well.
  5. Roll into a ball.
  6. Chill.
  7. Roll and coat with remaining nuts.
  8. Serve with crackers or veggies.

What are you serving up for Father’s Day?

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