Virginia Beach | www.sweetteasweetie.comMy grandparents live on a farm out in Central Virginia. As someone who moved around a lot growing up, its one of the few things in my life that stayed constant. I loved visits to the farm. It meant snapping green beans with my Ma, catching lighting bugs (aka fireflies) in the summer, picking blackberries to go on our ice cream at night, tubing down the James River, and heading out in my Granddaddy’s big pick up to count cows. When I started dating my now husband, our first vacation together was to Virginia to visit my family. I was excited to share the farm with him. We spent some amazing time with my family. Each time we visit we also try to getaway for a day just to ourselves. We like to head out to the beach, Virginia Beach. You can find a long wide path for skating or biking, soft sand beaches, and tons of restaurant options.

Waterman's Grill |

Our favorite seafood restaurant is in Virginia Beach.  We only get to come once a year on our vacation but we never miss it! On our first trip to Virginia Beach we spent some time in the sun then checked Yelp for a good restaurant for dinner. Waterman’s was all the way at the end of the long strip of beach which was perfect because it gave us a chance to wander and see all of the shops. Window shop at all of the touristy shops, but hold onto your money until you get to Waterman’s. They have a great gift shop with high quality local items rather than tourist knick knacks. I especially love their sugar scrub! When I took my in laws back to Virginia for their first visit (our wedding), we flew into Virginia Beach. They got to put their feet in the Atlantic Ocean and have Southern sweet tea with hush puppies while looking out at the ocean. Not an experience to be missed!
Waterman's Surfside Grille Virginia Beach
There isn’t a bad seat at Waterman’s. Outside under the lazy fans is my favorite, but if it’s cold they tier their seats so that no matter where you are, there is a gorgeous view of the ocean.

Waterman's Grill | www.sweetteasweetie.comMy favorite dish is the seafood platter. You get to sample a little bit of everything. Their hushpuppies are delicious! How cute are these little crab plates? We have also enjoyed their broiled fish, fish tacos, and the crabcake sandwich. The drink to try is the Orange Crush. It’s worth it, so yummy but honestly every drink I’ve had there was good. They all just make it feel like you’re on vacation. Just in case you can’t make it to Waterman’s this summer, you can make the Orange Crush at home:


Orange Crush Waterman's Surfside Grille
Crushed ice
Waterman’s Crush Vodka (vodka infused with oranges)
Freshly squeezed orange juice
Triple Sec
Garnish with an orange slice

Tortugas Cafe and Tiki Bar in Virginia Beach

On one of our trips, my husband and I walked almost the entire length of the Virginia Beach boardwalk, not a small feat, looking for somewhere to eat for lunch (saving Waterman’s for dinner) when we stumbled upon Tortugas. It had Carolina style pulled pork sandwiches, yummy looking blended drinks passing by on trays, and a table for two right on the ocean. We knew our search was over. An oceanfront bar with delicious drinks and yummy sandwiches, what more could a girl ask for on vacation? The pulled pork sandwich didn’t disappoint. It’s the kind of BBQ I just can’t find in California. You had the option of fries or “extra crispy tater tots” with your sandwich…. extra crispy tater tots please!  Everything was delicious. Not only did we love the restaurant, but will definitely be staying at the hotel next time we visit. The restaurant with fire pits is right next door to the great pool and hotel. You can alternate between the beach and pool. Now that’s the life!

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What is your favorite East Coast beach?

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