My favorite part of Halloween is going to work. Yep, you read that right! Every year for Halloween my workplace has a really fun costume contest. It is fierce competition and so much fun. Each department is invited to dress up as a group to compete against each other. We seriously work on our game plan for months! Our initial idea for this year was to do Ghostbusters and the Boo Crew (ghosts), but we decided to do Star Wars instead. We’re hoping that the hype leading up to the movie will give us the winning edge! If your work doesn’t do a competition, grab some friends (or your entire sorority!) and dress up together. Its so much more fun to dress up as a group and see your fellow costumers around all night. Here are some of the ideas that I love:

  1. 70’s – Get your disco fever on!
    Group Halloween Costumes | www.sweetteasweetie.comGroup Halloween Costumes |
  2. Run Away to the Circus 
  3. Group Costume Idea: Circus | Group Costume Idea: Circus | Group Costume Idea: Circus | Disney – fun for every age! Group Costume Idea: Circus |
  4. Smurfs – Everyone created their own smurf character! I got to be Smurfette, but really how cute are those baby smurfs? Halloween Group Smurfs Costume Halloween Group Smurfs Costume
  5. Minions – Bonus points if you do a Minion song! How legit is that Gru Mask? Halloween Group Minions Costume
  6. YMCA – does it ever get old?
    Group Halloween Costumes |
  7. Roller Derby – it’s time to get gritty!Group Halloween Costumes |
  8. Hot Dog with Ketchup & Mustard – great for a small group! Group Halloween Costumes Hot Dog with Ketchup and Mustard
  9. Fairies – what better excuse to wear a tutu? Group Halloween Costume Fairies
  10. Bakers – This one is my personal favorite, but is possibly more funny if you work for the city. Our Fire Department dressed up as donut makers using the initials of our Police Department. I died laughing! Either way, aprons and chef hats are super easy to get on Amazon and who doesn’t love the person who shows up to a party with donuts?
    Halloween Group Costumes Bakers

What are you dressing up as this year?

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